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Chefs | ISSUE 1

01__ David Gil & Albert Soler

Enzimes. A new way of approaching ice cream

02__ Emmanuel Ryon

The class

03__ Luca Bernardini

In defense of semifreddo

04__ Joane Yeoh

Memorable experiences

05__ Jérémie Runel

When creativity has no end

06__ Carlo Guerriero

Capturing the essence of wine

07__ Jordi Roca

The fun side of ice cream

14__ Carolina Barragán

The many faces of corn

15__ Blanca del Noval

A new value for discards

16__ Jordi Puigvert

Invitation to veganism in ice cream pastry

17__ Nils Hendrikse

Creativity in the broad sense

18__ Cathrine Østerberg

The dialogue between science and creativity

19__ Jhoan Indriago

Signature ice cream in 7 m

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